Saturday, December 3, 2011

Of a builder.

This morning was our service project for American Heritage. We got to go help build houses. In the cold. And snow.

Here's the thing - a service project really is what I've needed lately. I've been feeling strange/down and it was nice to be able to forget myself and help other people, even in the sucky conditions. So although part of me wants to rant about coming home soaked and freezing after hauling bags of concrete for 4 hours. But that would probably defeat the purpose of service in the first place.

Altogether, it WAS a pretty great experience. I've never done anything to legit. Those were real houses, where real people were going to live. We raised walls and lugged concrete and shoveled snow out of future bedrooms and living rooms. I saw people's homes come together right before my eyes. It was freaking rad.

Perhaps the excursions of this morning are what inspired my success at the gingerbread house-making party that I went to later. In all fairness, most of the vision belonged to Alex, I just played the larger part in making it all come alive.

That was the best alternate-perspective one we got. Sorry Alex ;)

Beautiful right? Aside from a 3 hour nap, making this might have been the best part of my day. In addition, it's probably the coolest thing I've made since I built the Taj Mahal out of Play-doh.

Maybe tomorrow I'll make a fort :)

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