Friday, December 2, 2011

Of a homemaker.

Today we have cleaning checks.

You know, that one day of the month when we're actually held accountable for keeping things in tip-top shape. I took advantage of this, and really tried to thoroughly organize everything. It's just a room, but it's also kind of my house - I live here, and so does everything I own. It's a special place. Me and Linda even decorated for Christmas.

That's our door. Welcome to our humble abode :)


Our tree and stockings :)

Linda's PRECIOUS Nativity Scene

A better view of our window, the lights and snowflakes :D

So is it any wonder that our room is widely considered the most homey? It's just extra special because this is my place. I'm responsible for it. As I tend to it, it becomes my home.

This isn't the first time cleaning checks have been helpful. Just a couple weeks into the semester, I lost my keys. I didn't have them for days, and this was before we left our door unlocked, so this was a problem. Well cleaning checks came around, cleaning happen, and lo and behold. I found my keys. Similarly, today I found my phone charger. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

I just got back from an awesome night with my sister and a good friend. He got a kick out of how everything he teases me for is amplified in her. I liked it because suddenly I looked less ridiculous. And then we went on a date-ish to Wendy's (classy, right?) and just hung out and were killed in Foosball and took Harry Potter Quizzes and had all sorts of adventures. He's a great guy, the kind you can count on to be around despite the fact that you're nothing special. And sometimes, this type of person will say something out of the blue and you realize that they really do think you're beautiful. Just because.

It's the best feeling in the world to be loved, and not feel like you have to be constantly working for it. Even when it's fleeting, it's a wonderful thing. Thanks :)

Well goodnight everyone. I realize all my thoughts are kind of scattered, but bear with me. I'm exhausted. I've been making a home all day.

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