Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Of a blogger.

There are a few reasons a person starts a blog. Generally, they can be categorized into the following:

1. They want to keep distant family up-to-date with their life. We've all seen the newlywed blogs, young families finally out on their own posting pictures and other updates about their daily adventures as they learn how to do laundry for others and coupon cut before grocery shopping. Usually these include countless baby pictures taken one after the other in the same setting. (This shouldn't be interesting to us, but who are we kidding, it's everyone's favorite part.) Well, I can respect this. I have plenty of siblings with blogs, and let's be honest, how much would I really know about their lives if I didn't read about them online? Reason #1 is generally acceptable.

2. They have a really great idea they want to share with people. These can be upliftingintriguing, or just funny. They're almost always themed, limited to that original idea that first inspired the blog. Personally, I think they're clever. Also an adequate reason to start a blog, in my opinion.

3. They think they're life is just so darn interesting that everyone wants to read about it. This is tricky ground. Some people pull it off by being really witty and interesting, and presenting ideas that the average guy doesn't think of every day. Others lead pretty typical lives, and don't do much to mask the fact. I hope I don't become the latter.

Me: "So I think I'm gonna start a blog."
Friend-whose-name-I-haven't-decided-whether-to-disguise-yet: "Why?"
*pause while I try to come up with a good reason*
Me: "For posterity."
FWNIHDWTDY: "Why don't you keep a journal?"
"Too much effort. I'd rather just type things"
"You can type a Journal"
"Not with pictures."
"Then add pictures."
"Okay! I'm starting one because Kiki and Linda [no use for pseudonyms here, they'll be mentioned far too often] begged me to, and I'm bored!"
"See? Why didn't you just say that? That's a good reason..."

Yeah, not really convinced that that's a good enough reason. Yet here I am blogging about blogging, and telling myself it's for posterity. I didn't really know how else to start...

Truth is, I have plenty to say about my life, But none of it's all that interesting. Sure, I have little run-ins with fate once in a while, and I tend to butt heads with irony in a big way. None of that's really too exciting though. That's just my disclaimer - I don't want anyone thinking that I actually believe I'm any more fascinating than the next guy.

Well, here's to hoping that through this little project I can establish a voice, make a difference, and change lives. Or at least make a few close friends happy.

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