Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Of a laptop-owner.

Welcome to the 21st century Diana. So glad you could finally make it.

Despite the pandemonium that is Black Friday, we all have to admit - there are some pretty sweet deals. And even though I'm usually a lover, not a fighter, I was willing to throw some elbows this last Friday. Because it scored me a flippin' computer.

Though we're still becoming acquainted, Pongo has already had an enormous influence on me. First (and arguably most important by most people's standards) is the fact that he has completely revolutionized the way I feel about school. I don't mind going to class anymore, because I have so many more options for when I get bored. This makes it sound like I don't pay attention in class, but on the contrary - when I get bored, I zone out (or worse, fall asleep). And then I can end up in space for the entire class without even realizing how much time is passing. It's a dangerous black hole to get sucked in to, which is why a little menial entertainment is so useful. Also, it's so much easier to take notes! I get sooo much more out of my classes No lie.

Second (and the most important by my standard) I finally have unlimited access to information online. Namely, Wikipedia and Stumbleupon. I know what you're thinking: why squander all your potential with such petty time-wasters? But here's the thing - I can learn about anything, the second the desire comes to me. If I want to read about the world's largest flower or the prettiest birds - I'm Wikipediaing all over that. And thanks to stumbleupon, I've found awesome playliststhe most amazing locket I could ever dream of, and everything there is to know about mythical creatures - all things I'll actually retain and be able to apply with educated conversation at later time while in good company. If that's not fulfilling your potential, I don't know what is. I'm all for the mindset of "the things that mean the most to you and are the most interesting to you are the truly important things in life." It seems cliche and obvious, but people tend to underrate its significance, especially to life in the long run.

Third and most exciting to me, I can finally set up all the things I've been waiting to for so long. For example, my own music library. I can finally sync my ipod with a computer which means I can finally reset it and actually listen to it. Long story, but the point is, this is good news. ALSO, something that has been put off for far too long - I was planning on making this video as soon as I moved away this summer. Obviously I didn't exactly have the resources to do so. So this is quite delayed, but it's been a good pump-up for home. I can't wait to get back :)

A quick side note - I just want to say how grateful I am for the whole concept of forgiveness. Especially from family and friends when you don't really deserve it. Not only does it make fresh starts possible, but it makes the past sweet again.

I really enjoyed making this. I understand that there's a whole sentimental value factor, but I hope you still enjoy watching. This is the story of my summer, spent with some people very special to me - the people that made home what it was.

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