Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Of a victim.

Tonight was Clue night at the Clyde building.

A murderer was "randomly selected" from the crew, and they would go around killing other crew members. Then, every half hour we would meet to see who was dead and try to guess at who the killer was.

Here's the thing - I really wanted to be the murderer. But I wasn't, so that's that. I decided to focus on just winning the game. I had my suspicions, I made my educated guesses, and I was very careful to cover my tracks. When riding the elevator, I would push several buttons and get off at one of them so that no one would know where to follow me. Suffice it to say, I got pretty competitive.

While discussing with Marcus my theory on how Trevor was most likely the murderer, he got me. I had my guard down, because I was assured that Marcus was not a possible suspect. Yet he killed me right there in the elevator. That was frustration number one.

Next I saw Trevor roaming about the building. I was suspicious but he made something up about he thought it would be fun blah blah blah. I don't know how I can't recognize his lies by now. Anyhow, I mentioned that I had been killed, and that I was frustrated because I thought he wasn't even in the game. Now we skip ahead.

There I am sweeping stairs. My guard's down because hey, I'm already dead. Then Spencer comes up and tries to kill me. I inform him that I was already killed. He shrugs it off, thinking I'm messing with him. (It is vital to the story to know that throughout this game, everyone considered me the devious one.)

I see Trevor again, and begin to complain. "Two murderers? Really?" (Frustration two)
"I was just killed twice."
"Wait, who killed you first?"
After a long drawn-out discussion, I let him know that Marcus was also playing murderer. I find out that Trevor WAS indeed the original murderer, but that Spencer had overpowered him and stolen the weapon. Thus, the culprit transferred. Frustration three was that despite murderer additions and transfers, I NEVER got the chance to be one.

The plot thickens as Trevor runs off to warn Spencer, and I find out that it's because they've been in cohorts the entire time. Indeed, Trevor was scouting for victims, and letting Spencer know where to go to take them out.

Anyway, everyone died in the end. Then I found out more about things had played out, for example the fact that the murderer was actually very carefully and specifically selected. That's when I went a little crazy. I definitely went too far with this game. I got way too involved, that was my problem. Or so I thought at first.

Thinking about the things that actually made me mad, I realized I have this huge honesty complex. Only when people lie to me do I ever get truly passionately angry about anything. It just frustrates me when I can't depend on people or things I guess.

But I suppose that's yet another way that I'm just like everybody else.

Joke's on you, you thought this would turn out to be something actually profound.

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